1. Asus Vivobook A416JAO-FHD326 Silver [i3-1005G1|RAM 4GB|SSD 256GB|Win11|OHS21]
  2. Asus A1502ZA-VIPS553 Blue [i5-1235U|RAM 8GB|SSD 512GB|TouchScreen|Win11|OHS21]
  3. Asus A1502ZA-VIPS352 Silver [i3-1215U|RAM 4GB|SSD 512GB|TouchScreen|Win11|OHS21]
  4. Asus A1502ZA-VIPS353 Blue [i3-1215U|RAM 4GB|SSD 512GB|TouchScreen|Win11|OHS21]
  5. Asus Vivobook A416JAO-FHD325 Grey [i3-1005G1|RAM 4GB|SSD 256GB|Win11|OHS21]
  6. Asus A1502ZA-VIPS552 Silver [i5-1235U|RAM 8GB|SSD 512GB|TouchScreen|Win11|OHS21]
  7. Asus K3402ZA-OLEDS756 Green [i7-12700H|RAM 16GB|SSD 512GB|Win11|OHS21]
  8. Asus K3402ZA-OLEDS755 Black [i7-12700H|RAM 16GB|SSD 512GB|Win11|OHS21]
  9. Asus PC Desktop S500SC-0G6410000W [Intel G6405|HDD 1TB|RAM 4GB|Win11]
  10. Asus K3402ZA-OLEDS754 Grey [i7-12700H|RAM 16GB|SSD 512GB|Win11|OHS21]
  11. Asus ROG DELTA RGB Quad-DAC Gaming Headset
  12. Asus PC Desktop S500TC-0G6420033W [Intel G6405|SSD 256GB|RAM 4GB|Win11]
  13. Asus PC Desktop S500TC-342000033W [i3-10105|SSD 256GB|RAM 4GB|Win11]
  14. Screen Protector XBT LCD 15 Inch
  15. Memory Transcend Sodimm RAM 4GB PC3200 DDR4 – RAM Laptop
  16. Asus PC AIO V222FAK-BA342W Black [i3-10110U|RAM 4GB|SSD 256GB|Win11]
  17. Asus PC AIO V222FAK AsusPro AIO A6521DAK-BA781TS Black [R7-3700U|RAM 8GB|HDD 1TB|Win|OHS]
  18. Asus K3402ZA-OLEDS554 Green [i5-12500H|RAM 12GB|SSD 512GB|Win11|OHS21]
  19. Asus K3402ZA-OLEDS556 Black [i5-12500H|RAM 12GB|SSD 512GB|Win11|OHS21]
  20. Memory Transcend Sodimm RAM 8GB PC3200 DDR4 – RAM Laptop
  21. Asus K3402ZA-OLEDS555 Grey [i5-12500H|RAM 12GB|SSD 512GB|Win11|OHS21]
  22. Screen Protector XBT LCD 14 inch
  23. Asus PC AIO V222GAK-BA141W Black [Intel J4025|HDD 1TB|RAM 4GB|Win11]
  24. Asus PC Desktop S500TC-541000010W [i5-10400|HDD 1TB|RAM 4GB|Win11]

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Asus ROG DELTA RGB Quad-DAC Gaming Headset

Rp 6.649.000

RGB gaming headset with Hi-Res ESS Quad-DAC, circular RGB lighting effect and USB-C connector for PCs, PS5, consoles and mobile gaming

– Industry-leading hi-res ESS quad-DAC for impeccably detailed and true-to-life audio
– USB-C connector that’s compatible with PCs, Mac, mobile phones, Nintendo Switch in handheld mode and PS5*
– Customizable, multi-color circular RGB lighting lets you shine in style
– Exclusive ASUS Essence drivers, airtight chamber and audio signal diversion technology for immersive audio experiences
– Upgraded comfort with ergonomic D-shape and ROG Hybrid ear cushions